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HiFi Pig: Statement II XLR Pick of 2023

December, 2023|HiFi Pig|

The Ear: Ultra Black II Power Cable

November, 2023|The Ear|

Pursuit Perfect System: Statement II Speaker cable, Jumper, XLR

August, 2023|Reviews|

HiFI Club: Black II/Ultra Black II Speaker Cable

March, 2023|HiFi Club|

Audio Video: Ultra Black II Speaker, XLR, Black II Power

February, 2022|Audio Video|

Stereonet: Blue II Product of the Year 2020

December, 2020|Stereonet|

Paul Rigby: Ultra Black II Phono RCA to DIN

April, 2020|Reviews|

Audiophile Magazine: Ultra Black II Speaker/RCA

January, 2020|Audiophile|

The Ear: Ultra Black II Best of 2019

December, 2019|The Ear|

The Ear: Ultra Black II Speaker Cable

December, 2019|The Ear|

The Ear: Ultra Blue II Power Cable

November, 2019|The Ear|

Tone Audio: Ultra Blue Speaker Cable/Statement Range

December, 2018|Tone Audio|

Darko: SIlver Diamond USB hf

February, 2018|Darko|

HiFi Pig: Silver Diamond Speaker Cable & Interconnects

March, 2017|HiFi Pig|

HiFi Pig: Silver Diamond Speaker & Interconnects

January, 2017|HiFi Pig|

Mono & Stereo: Black Diamond/Silver Diamond RCA & XLR Interconnects

January, 2017|Mono&Stereo|

HiFi+: Awards 2016, Loudspeaker of the Year

December, 2016|HiFi Plus|

Head Mania: Ultra Black Speaker/Black Diamond Interconnects

June, 2016|Head Mania|

Mono & Stereo: Silver Diamond RCA / Ultra Silver USB / Ultra Silver RCA / Bi-wire

October, 2015|Mono&Stereo|

Nomono: Ultra Silver Digital RCA/System Disc

July, 2015|Nomono|

HiFi Pig: Blue/Ultra Blue/Blue Diamond

November, 2014|HiFi Pig|

High Fidelity: Black Diamond Speaker/RCA/Black Power

January, 2014|Hi Fidelity|

HiFi+: Ultra Black Speaker and Interconnects

October, 2010|HiFi Plus|